The home for your decentralized web.

Genesis is a graphical server management app that runs on top of arkOS. Connect to your arkOS node from any computer and add sites and features, modify settings or view its statistics.

Manage your online life from home.

Genesis interfaces with server software that runs on your arkOS node and allows you to modify it with a easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface. Add websites, email accounts, social networking profiles, cloud accounts or anything else you want to run. You have instant access to your decentralized web presence, hosted from home and kept off the “cloud.” Simply install the right plugins for the features you want in Genesis and it takes care of the rest.

Stay in control.

Genesis has several features that allow you to fine-tune your system’s performance. The System Monitor pane allows you to drag-and-drop the components you want to monitor, whether its the status of a particular server app, or other features like CPU speed and memory usage. The Alerts pane allows you to set up monitoring even further, and will prompt you if your favourite server app encounters an error, or if your memory use is too high. It even has a Recovery feature, which allows you to backup your app configurations and restore them in a snap, in case you make a mistake or lose some data.

Effortless server management.

Genesis is focused on eliminating the knowledge gap required to self-host data. To these ends, it puts a prime on making the experience as easy and as intuitive as possible. Beginning users should be able to add any servers or data that they want to arkOS without having to read tons of guides on the Web or to meddle with the command line. But that doesn’t mean advanced Linux users can’t use Genesis — it has a series of advanced options which allow you to change system services, modify host records, and even access a Terminal screen live in your browser.

Genesis is in active development, and many of its features may not be ready yet. If you are an early adopter or avid bugtester, you are welcome to try out Genesis. It comes already installed on your arkOS node, just connect via the instructions given on our getting started page.

Genesis works on other Linux distributions too, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux or openSUSE. However, at this time most new features are being developed for arkOS first and foremost. These new features will be extended to other platforms later on, when applicable. Downloads for these other platforms are only available by installing the Python package available on the Downloads page, but soon there will be other packages specifically for these distributions.

To get updates on Genesis releases or to follow its development status, follow one of the many ways to stay in touch with the project.