Warning – arkOS and Genesis are still in development. Many tools are not yet working, and you should not yet depend on arkOS for anything other than testing at this time. Downloads are only available for the Raspberry Pi at present. Please stay connected via one of the methods listed on the Contact page to get updates on project development.

arkOS Installer

The arkOS Installer is a graphical installation program that downloads the latest installation image for the Raspberry Pi and writes it to an SD card connected to your computer. Download one of these programs to get started with arkOS. Installs only the Raspberry Pi version at this time.

Current version: 0.3.1

Windows (XP+) Mac OS X (10.6+) Ubuntu/Debian (.deb) All Linux (.tar.gz)

The “All Linux” version of the Installer requires the netifaces Python module.


Genesis Testing and Development

You can install a Vagrant box on any Windows/OS X/Linux computer to begin using Genesis for testing or development purposes. See the appropriate documentation for help in getting started.

New York (USA) Amsterdam (EU) Frankfurt (EU) Paris (EU) Reykjavik (EU) Taipei (Asia)

If you wish to try Genesis from the source on an Arch-based system, you can download the Python package here, extract it and install it with python setup.py install.

Install arkOS from Image

Advanced users may prefer to install the arkOS images themselves. These images are located below.

Device Mirror Mirror Type Download – Full Image Download – Split Boot/Data
Raspberry Pi New York (USA) Official .tar.gz .zip .tar.gz .zip
Raspberry Pi Amsterdam (EU) Official .tar.gz .zip .tar.gz .zip
Raspberry Pi Frankfurt (EU) Community .tar.gz .zip .tar.gz .zip
Raspberry Pi Paris (EU) Community .tar.gz .zip .tar.gz .zip
Raspberry Pi Reykjavik (EU) Community .tar.gz .zip .tar.gz .zip
Raspberry Pi Taipei (Asia) Community .tar.gz .zip .tar.gz .zip

MD5 (Full Image .tar.gz): f0a8c36afea27fe863c5b37dfa0f1d5b
MD5 (Full Image .zip): 8a9ff31ec8d7a5bdc6913e962d1d242c
MD5 (Split Image .tar.gz): a26626dfa89256dff2317ac15a4835bc
MD5 (Split Image .zip): bb891f6d20e29cfb203440b71143c0bd

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