Warning – arkOS is still in development. Many tools are not yet working, and you should not yet depend on arkOS for anything other than testing at this time. Please stay connected via one of the methods listed on the Contact page to get updates on project development.

Install arkOS from Image

While the arkOS Installer undergoes a rewrite, installations can be made manually with the proper software. Instructions on how to install these images can be found on the Wiki.

Select your download mirror:

Device Download – Normal Download – Split Boot/Data
Cubieboard2 .tar.gz MD5 7e3a37180828b940aa47698cc3fa5d0f
.zip MD5 eb15529c74b52fe186598456dcbc0151
Coming Soon
Cubietruck .tar.gz MD5 fdf4fab688ba72f55061ea5ea15e9fba
.zip MD5 8d995e347689d2cfa51e786b9d5823d7
Coming Soon
Raspberry Pi (original) .tar.gz MD5 1ceac569a77c712e7297a14f58f6a0ad
.zip MD5 5b5fe4f7745e4d2cd68b4e55cedae2c0
.tar.gz MD5 e85fd476e666bc025b00b4e07b2b6316
.zip MD5 682b1376b2c9e20d2b33dfec72824289
Raspberry Pi 2 .tar.gz MD5 dccc7c4bd4f9bad6a11edbf27fcf5665
.zip MD5 d32960d5d3ec7db5656279f93f84f45b
.tar.gz MD5 9ac367d290cc35269d3740706bce8409
.zip MD5 c48b605882eeab40fc62687a652187f6

arkOS Testing and Development

You can install a Vagrant box on any Windows/OS X/Linux computer to begin using arkOS for testing or development purposes. See the appropriate documentation for help in getting started.


MD5: ed22835ccd0f2e8a8bc67178099d7546

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