Warning – arkOS and Genesis are still in development. Many tools are not yet working, and you should not yet depend on arkOS for anything other than testing at this time. Please stay connected via one of the methods listed on the Contact page to get updates on project development.

The arkOS Installer does not work at this time due to changing spec. Only the Network Browser feature is functional. The Installer is subject to a full rewrite and optimization once Genesis 0.6 is released. To install arkOS, please scroll down to “Install arkOS From Image”.

arkOS Installer (Raspberry Pi only)

The arkOS Installer is a graphical installation program that downloads the latest installation image for the Raspberry Pi and writes it to an SD card connected to your computer. Download one of these programs to get started with arkOS. Installs only the Raspberry Pi version at this time.

Current version: 0.3.1

Windows (XP+) Mac OS X (10.6+) Ubuntu/Debian (.deb) All Linux (.tar.gz)

The “All Linux” version of the Installer requires the netifaces Python module.


Genesis Testing and Development

You can install a Vagrant box on any Windows/OS X/Linux computer to begin using Genesis for testing or development purposes. See the appropriate documentation for help in getting started.


If you wish to try Genesis from the source on an Arch-based system, you can download the Python package here, extract it and install it with python install.

Install arkOS from Image

Advanced users may prefer to install the arkOS images themselves. These images are located below. ARMv7 images made possible thanks to Caleb Cooper! Instructions for writing these images are available here.

Select your download mirror:

Device Download – Normal Download – Split Boot/Data
BeagleBone Black .tar.gz MD5 c96ddd0140306bafebb664d4e7a7316b
.zip MD5 d8f45e133346fb73416896bd08965279
.tar.gz MD5 76fc9b7411a4bdaa51700529a8f036ca
.zip MD5 42c43d3166378b63c82653a6cbd8c82f
Cubieboard2 .tar.gz MD5 335b622deea53207a915cabfc074203c
.zip MD5 0dd48e0a7a4e98b5b3c1aff95a35e009
.tar.gz MD5 a7f5a88172cde1046fe9328a93dcc37c
.zip MD5 b256e697fd1775699ab8de07a78ee6fe
Cubietruck .tar.gz MD5 bbd89bf5ecfb9db99df2ac85c6b53571
.zip MD5 5caef325d6f5cd756c3815b4ecaa9995
.tar.gz MD5 549f80e6b49bceab9a34b532009f76dc
.zip MD5 2e378e93f59e23dc1101de598416e0c3
ODROID U-Series .tar.gz MD5 b76101f9c279c0a20de6850417802f3e
.zip MD5 4499e74776f2061a5345c6299ca32f1d
.tar.gz MD5 21586b3878f66257b05e85912e9b7c0a
.zip MD5 685d7ef047ef57360e990b8ea9544563
Raspberry Pi .tar.gz MD5 7ca9ce6eb1df0bf7d7d6eafc32e7bddb
.zip MD5 e8f6ad8ccb22c18a6aa25e4c232ea11e
.tar.gz MD5 4648a4b81fb156a9bb19a9836388ead3
.zip MD5 8a5a53de194a569708c1b4c671c86704

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