Development Centre


arkOS is a project that is completely under development. The entirety of the project, from program source to documentation, is freely available online. Most of this is hosted on our Github organization. Feel free to make comments there, or contributions via pull requests.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bug reports for all software can be filed in the issue trackers for whichever Github repository is in question. See below:

  • arkOS Issues: For bugs or feature requests relating to the core functionality of arkOS, packages offered, package source, etc. You can also submit feature requests for the overall project here.
  • arkOS Assistant Issues: For bugs or feature requests relating to the assistant/installer app for Windows, macOS or Linux.
  • Genesis Issues: For bugs or feature requests relating to the Genesis management interface and its interaction with server processes in arkOS.


Contributions in any form for arkOS are welcome. Here is a brief list of ways in which you can contribute, even if you have limited experience with Linux or with programming:

  • Application Development. In addition to the OS, there is also the Installer and Genesis that are under continuous development. See the Release Goals document on this site for specifics on how you might be able to help with these apps. See the section above for our Github repositories, and feel free to make a pull request with suggested changes, enhancements or bug fixes.
  • Port Your Software! If your software falls within our stated mission and can be compiled to run under an embedded architecture, there is a decent chance it will be accepted into the Community repository and available for installation under arkOS. Contact us!
  • Update the Repositories. Updates are constantly rolling out from our upstream repositories and must be carried through to our repositories. If any critical information needs to be ported to a package in arkOS, We are looking for someone willing to keep an eye on upstream version changes from our sources (Arch Linux) and update our local repositories when necessary. Cross-compilation of new packages may occasionally be needed as well.
  • Spread the Word. If you appreciate arkOS or its mission, what better way then to tell your friends and social networks about the project? This is an important part of our development, as the more users we have, the more we stand to make a real impact on how people use the Internet. We are always looking for creative ways to communicate the importance of decentralizing online life. If you come up with anything of interest, feel free to contact us.

If you are committed to decentralizing the web and would like to provide technical assistance, no offer will be refused. Contact us via the contact page above and we will get in touch with you!