Free the Cloud

This is the Internet.

(say “Hello, Internet!”)

The Internet is a collection of special computers called "servers" around the world.

These servers host the data that we interact with everyday.


Oftentimes, we use these servers to store data that is very important.

This includes our emails, our schedules, our friendships — all aspects of our online lives.

These servers are kept out of our reach.

We do not own these servers, and we must trust the businesses and governments that oversee them.

We trust that they don’t spy…

… that they keep our data safe…

… and that they don’t sell our data to others.

Why do we surrender our data away?

We give our data to the cloud because it is easy and convenient.

We want to be able to access it, anytime and anywhere.

Nothing’s wrong with that!

But to do this, we have to make sacrifices.

With many clouds, we lock ourselves in to using only their services to interact with our data.

When we wall up the Web, our online freedom suffers.

Cloud corporations are locking up our data, and preventing us from using it in our own way. This is against the open spirit of the Internet.

But what if we could couple…

the power of the cloud…

with the safety, privacy and choice of our own control?

Guess what? We can.

arkOS is a project that seeks to put the cloud back in our own hands.

By running your own arkOS node from the comfort of your own home, you can have the same convenience and services without relying on a centralized cloud service.

So… what are you waiting for?

Free the cloud!