arkOS Assistant Released

Lots of changes are in store for arkOS these days, with the development of 0.8 underway and the release (finally) of arkOS Connect on the horizon. Users will need a new, easier way to install arkOS and to connect to their servers — and today they've got it.

arkOS Assistant is now released and available for download. Assistant is a cross-platform app that allows users to download and install arkOS to installation media (SD cards and/or USB drives) with a quick and easy visual interface. It handles everything for you: choosing your hardware platform, install type (default or split boot/data), devices and mirrors.

Assistant also allows you to search your network for arkOS servers and provides a link for quick-launching the Genesis configuration panel for each one. It's a super easy way to get started with administering arkOS.

More nice features will be added to arkOS Assistant in the future, and community input is welcome in deciding what should come next. Assistant is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Check it out today!

The source for arkOS Assistant is available on our Gitlab — make sure to report any issues you encounter with the software on our forums or to the Gitlab issues list!

Questions or Comments?

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