Project Status Update

Hello friends,

I wanted to drop a quick line and check in with you regarding the current state of the project and how I plan to move forward with it in 2016.

First of all, thanks for your patience. I know project work has been a bit slow in the last quarter. There have been a lot of personal life things I've had to work on in the last year, and the last quarter especially, not to mention holiday plans with family, unexpected illnesses, et cetera. I'm glad to report that I am past these and am on a much better footing in terms of dedicating time to work on arkOS. And, while it is true that I am no longer working for the project on a full-time basis (I have another job to devote much of my time to during the day), I still intend to make a lot of progress on achieving my goals for arkOS this year.

This should be reflected in how the project moves forward over the course of this year. Now that arkOS 0.7 (and subsequent patch releases) have been in the wild for a few months now, I can start working on integrating more applications for the platform. A new "client" app and installer for Windows, OS X and Linux can be expected this year. Other long-awaited features (such as arkOS-CLI and arkOS Connect) will be also be released, and can be expected in the first half of this year.

There will be other exciting announcements to come about the project this year, including new development plans and my presence at some international conferences to come and meet you all. Until then, watch this space, and keep an eye on the forums as always to follow our progress.

Best wishes to everyone and a very happy new year! — Jacob

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