Genesis 0.5.1 Released

Without further ado, Genesis 0.5.1 is now available via the software repositories. This release fixes many important bugs that were present in 0.5, as well as introduces a truckload of new features, including an XMPP chat server, Calendar/Contacts sync server (without having to use ownCloud!), Ghost blog engine, SparkleShare file sync, creation of encrypted file containers, and much more. The alpha Mailserver plugin will also be released next week after some supplemental testing, required to make it work as optimally as possible.

For a full list of bugfixes and new features, see the Github release. To upgrade from an existing arkOS install, check out the Genesis Settings pane and click "Check for Updates".

Other things coming in the next few weeks:

  • A new disk image for the Raspberry Pi with Genesis 0.5.1 and full updates will be coming tomorrow.
  • A new disk image for the Raspberry Pi for running off of a connected USB drive (instead of all data on your SD card)
  • Support for the ARMv7 architecture
  • New disk image for the first ARMv7 board to be supported (Cubietruck)
  • Updates to the arkOS Installer to reflect these new changes

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